Chocolate crepe Alhisha

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Chocolate crepe Alhisha

Tablespoon sugar
Two eggs with a teaspoon vanilla
Cup and fourth liquid milk
Cup flour
Pinch of salt
Spoon butter melted on fire
For the filling: liquid chocolate, strawberry and possible jam or honey
Nut or nut or any type of nuts to taste
Melt the butter on the fire and mix eggs, milk and sugar mixer
Then add them flour, salt and butter and Nkhalthm and put them in a bowl and let the mixture rest of half an hour to an hour.
Protect sheet or skillet, Ndhnha buttered and should be considered a little butter put on the job.
Monument simple amount of the mixture and stirring the pan in a circle until the mixture is distributed and be very thin.
Brush the half slide Pashokola and Ntneha of the first party and then the second

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