Ornaments Agaymr eat your fingers and spoon and Rah

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Ornaments Agaymr eat your fingers and spoon and Rah

Components and the way together

First class

Tjepen glass tray

And cemented the basket layer 2

Ulker or Mary or any basket

Braaaaaank course Ngmsinha

In milk Balhuklath

Or (2 tablespoons powdered milk

+ Cup + 1 tablespoon water Confectioneries Nesquik)

The second layer

Tjepen pot Plastic and Thtin it:

(2 + 1 envelope Dream Web circumstance cream

Caramel + 3 tablespoon milk Miliaaanh

+ Text Nestle Sweetened Condensed

Mai cup hot fondue in which circumstance

Gelatin pill Kerry cushion + 6 + Qamr tray (is Srrrr taste and God)

Hai and his image Agaymr

If Mavi Swe cream Nestle or pasture means be Sour delicious + 3 tablespoon powdered milk) and Tkhaltinha (Takfiqinha) mixer Cake flattering, but I'm I advise you to first confuse the water and cheese Alkeri Ashan what cheese to be small pieces then add remaining ingredients then add the mixture this on biscuits Elly Swinneh then Edjlah Alfrisel 3 hours or freeze Lin then doctrinaire -

The third mixture and who are:

(Sour any type box + Aero or

Confectioneries any Pthbhe +3 spoon

Miliana large Nutella)

Hai image Alhukla

And Ahtehm on fire Idob insoluble quickly Diabetes fire AND ADD

Quickly cream mixture

Elly Swinneh

Then sprinkle with Flake

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