Amounts Cheesecake Gammons

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Amounts recipe:
1 finger melted butter.
1 cup water.
March 4 large chocolate beads.
1 Sour tray.
2 Chuck dignified Dream Web.
2 baguettes tea biscuits.

How to prepare:
Crush the biscuits and Ofrckah with butter and then dissolved descriptive of this class in Chinese.
Whisk dignified Dreambox Web with decent caramel cup water over low heat, then Pour these ingredients over the first layer of Chinese and my fridge.
Put the gammon in a water bath over low heat until melted with cream Gammons well, then add them to a third Ktbakh dish and Zen cocoa or grated chocolate.
Zinni Altshir Cake slices of gammon.
My feet Cheesecake Gammons cool along with a cup of Alnskafah and Enjoy exquisite tastes.

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