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Cake something very important in your home because your children love the cake always, so you must renewal and also your children loves cake They love people cartoon also makes them unaffected if your children or members of your house of personality lovers SpongeBob you can Tvajiehm job Cake SpongeBob distinctive form and distinctive taste and delicious and very easy way .kikh 

SpongeBob Jahzhalmviader:
- Dignified Betty Crocker vanilla or chocolate
- Dream Web or dignified ready
- Food colors (yellow - red - blue - brown)
- The amounts of the cake:
- Eggs
- Flour
- Sugar
- Water
- baking powder

How to prepare :
- Using amounts Cake Adhanaa dough

 .mviader work cake Adah- Do a processing regular cake regular

 .alkik Almjhzh- Eased dignified Betty Crocker with water and add to it the color appropriate to my situation cups over the cake processed and grease around painted Alasfroda stones to form a cake of Aforeig- Complete with drawing that GC SpongeBob exterior various Ballowanh and Keck will be equipped to SpongeBob Sponge Bob Dickey 

.kikh Jahzhvoid eggs:
it contains :
- Bruitin
- Vitamins
- Salts Maadinh
Damage to eggs:
- Lead to allergies and hyper-cholesterol palpation

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