The easiest way to work sweetness hair removal at home!

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3 cups of water.

2 cups sugar.
Large lemon and preferably is cool though fridge Vatrkiha period Ki calm temperature.
How to prepare ::

Develop national water and sugar together in a pan.

Then we take a lemon and rub a little before Thqiha by pressing the palms on the table so that you can have more quantity.

Cut the lemon and then Aasreha then add them to the mixture and place on the torch medium temperature.

A national move the mixture every 4 minutes.

After a quarter of an hour Use a spoon to get the amount of sweetness and Adeiha with your fingers to see how viscosity.

After 25 minutes the sugar will begin in the combustion takes blond color.

Leave on for another 3 minutes and thus be about half an hour and sweetness to the fire.

Put sweetness in a vase will be in liquid form and then leave for half an hour so cool nor Telmusanha before this period.

In the end, nationalist placing them inside the tray until Tstkhaddmiha whenever Hita.

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