Way marble ornaments

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Marble ornaments today obligatory marble you a solution and I hope you like it receives. .
Ingredients .. ~ /
Cup milk powder Mahmos
Tea biscuit
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
{ a }
Two eggs
Half Sour tray
Half cup sugar
Quarter cup oil
Teaspoon Baking Powder
Half teaspoon vanilla
| Nkhalthm with some in a blender |
{ B }
Sour tray
Hptin Kerry cheese
Quarter cup milk powder
Quarter cup sugar
| Nkhalthm with some in a blender |

Way .. ~ /
The first thing we add the mixture {a} for milk and Mahmus Nkhalthm Zain
Take two dimensions Thelatۃ quarters of this mixture in the tray and Nahth Pyrex
Half layer alone of tea biscuits on top of the mixture, then
Degenerated over the biscuits remaining quarter of the mixture and Nrtbh somewhat Itagty biscuits
And enter the Chinese oven .. somewhat sits.
After what those equal share with the Chinese out of the oven and set the mixture over it {b}
We leave five Dqaig hold together. Then
Degenerated drops of the Hershey Bhګl random over the second layer
And begin to confuse these are drops to use a fork Ashan give shaped marble
Go back and get into the Chinese oven for a period of seven Dqaig.
Learn Chinese from the oven and Nahtha in the refrigerator for somewhat cool
Then we cut Ntalaaha and Elly Nbgaha size
Ups .. ~!

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